The cost of VirtualSC PD courses vary, depending upon the course type and number of credits awarded. Registering for a VirtualSC PD course does not secure your seat. Participants are enrolled into courses based on the time-stamp associated with their payment. Most VirtualSC PD courses are capped at 30-35 participants.

Course Type Cost Per Participant
20 Renewal Credit Courses $50
40 Renewal Credit Courses $75
60 Renewal Credit Courses $85
3 Credit Hour Graduate Courses $225

3 Credit Hour Graduate Courses – Out of State Residents Only*


When you pay for your course, you will notice a small additional cost added to your course fee total. This small cost is not collected by VirtualSC PD., the state’s official Web Portal, includes a small cost used to develop, maintain, enhance, and expand the service offerings of the state’s payment portal.

*The extra fee is charged by The College of Charleston.

 If you decide that you need to drop a course, we do not provide refunds for any fees that have been paid for the course.