Self-Paced courses and SCTS 4.0 learning modules are offered all year round and provide participants the flexibility to work on their own schedule.They are worth 20 or 40 renewal credits as noted on the course page. Participants have 60 or 70 days (check the course page) from their date of enrollment to complete all course requirements, and they may begin work right away, without having to wait for anyone else. While there is a facilitator assigned to the course, participants in those courses are expected to set their own pacing (within the enrollment period). Communication with the facilitator within those courses tends to be limited.

There is no cross-over between facilitated and self-paced course titles. A course is designated as one or the other. On our website, self-paced is always shown with the term self-paced, but our facilitated courses are designated by the credit received (graduate or renewal).

Note about the self-paced calendar: Self-Paced courses are open year round, but there are two times when registration is shut down: July and December. During the full month of July registration is shut down as the new sections of the courses are prepared. During two weeks in December self-paced facilitators go on Winter Break. Registration is shut down and manually graded activities will go ungraded until facilitators return. Participants still have access to the course and can still progress during both of these periods.

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