To register for a cohort course offered by VirtualSC PD, follow the instructions below.

To begin, log in to your Genius account. If you do not yet have a Genius account, click the Create Account link in the upper right-hand corner, or in the slide-out menu on your mobile device, to complete the application process. If you already have a Genius account, click the Dashboard Login button in the upper-right hand corner or in the slide-out menu.

create account link

Once you have logged in to your Genius account, click on the link sent in your registration directions. This link will take you directly to the  Course Confirmation page. Click on the “Confirm” button if your cohort is free.

If the course requires payment, you must complete the next step in order to be placed into the course. Your seat is not secure until payment has been made. Click on the Make Payment button located at the bottom of the page.

make payment button

Once you have clicked on the Make Payment button a new page will open where you will pay for your course. After you have submitted payment (if needed), VirtualSC PD will schedule you into your selected course. payment screen

Now, your registration has been completed! You will receive a confirmation email after you have officially been enrolled. You will receive your course welcome email the Thursday before courses begin.

registration email confirmation




Watch the video below to learn how to register for a cohort:

Registering for a Cohort

When you pay, you will notice a small additional cost added to your course fee total. This small cost is not collected by VirtualSC PD. The state’s official Web Portal,, includes a small cost used to develop, maintain, enhance, and expand the service offerings of the state’s payment portal. You will receive a welcome email from your facilitator the Thursday before courses begin. If you enroll in a Self-Paced course, your facilitator will send you a welcome email within 2 business days.