Renewal Course credits count toward the renewal of your teaching certificate and are worth 40 or 60 renewal credits (check the course page). Those listed as Renewal Courses fall under the umbrella of facilitated courses. Facilitated courses refer to the courses offered during our Spring, Summer, and Fall Sessions. Taking a course during a facilitated session offers more guidance from a facilitator as well as opportunities to learn and grow with other participants through discussion forums.

These courses are asynchronous and involve a discussion forum, so work is released week by week, but within that week, you may work at your own pace, making sure that all work for the week is turned in before midnight on Sunday ET. The only due date within the week is Wednesday for your first post to the forum (to allow for the possibility of back and forth discussion).

While Self-Paced Courses also offer renewal credit, there is no cross-over between facilitated and self-paced course titles. A course is designated as one or the other. On our website, self-paced is always shown with the term self-paced, but our facilitated courses are designated by the credit received (renewal or graduate).