Below are the registration and course session dates for VirtualSC PD’s 2023 and 2024 session schedule. Registration is only open during the times indicated below, unless you would like to enroll in a Self-Paced course.  All facilitated courses last a total of seven weeks from start to finish.

Important Scheduling Notes:

  • Registration closes at 4:00 PM on the date indicated.
  • The courses are set up with a weekly deadline; however, the assignments may be submitted at any time during that week as long as the weekly deadline is met.
  • If you have a scheduled vacation or the session runs through a holiday, make sure you can schedule time for your coursework around those plans, or wait to register for a course during a session that will not be impacted by those circumstances.

Disclaimer: Registration and course dates may change due to LMS or other system updates. Check back regularly for the most up to date information. No dates will change within the two months prior to a session’s registration period.

Session Registration Dates Course Session Dates
Summer 2023 05/01/23 – 05/22/23 06/19/23 – 08/06/23
Fall 2023 08/14/23 – 09/11/23 10/02/23 – 11/19/23
Spring 2024 01/08/24 – 01/29/24 03/04/24 – 04/21/24
Summer 2024 04/29/24 – 05/20/24 06/17/24 – 08/04/24
Fall 2024 08/12/24 – 09/09/24 09/23/24 – 11/10/24