VirtualSC PD offers South Carolina Department of Education approved Read to Succeed courses supporting the Read to Succeed Act. All Read to Succeed renewal courses are offered for $85.00 and are worth 60 renewal credits. Cohorts are offered by request for all Read to Succeed courses. For more information on cohorts, please visit our Cohort page. Certain Read to Succeed courses are also approved for individuals in the PACE program to become R2S certified. To learn more about those courses, visit our PACE page.

Please note that there have been recent amendments to the Read to Succeed Act in S.418. For Middle and High School Teachers, Administration, and Non-Instructional Staff, we will still be offering the R2S: Content Area Reading and Writing for Middle and High School Teachers course.

The current Read to Succeed courses are based on the 2015 South Carolina Literacy Competencies, which will be revised to meet S.418 in the near future.

Our Read to Succeed course titles include:

There is no set order in which you must take your Read to Succeed Literacy Teacher Endorsement. Because of the content, however, VirtualSC PD recommends the following order:

*R2S: Instructional Practices – Understanding Dyslexia and Supporting Struggling Readers may be taken in place of R2S: Instructional Practices.

Only one Content Area Reading and Writing course is required for any endorsement. Taking more than one Content Area Reading and Writing course will not advance your endorsement or count toward renewal as each Content Area Reading and Writing title satisfies the same course requirement.