Below are some of the frequently asked questions about VirtualSC PD and our services.  To see the answer to any of the questions below, simply click on the question and the answer will appear.  If you have additional questions that are not answered here, please navigate to the contact us page and email or call one of us and we will be glad to answer the additional questions that you have.

Follow the directions below to log in to your courses:

  1. Log in to OpenSIS by clicking on the Dashboard Login button in the upper right corner of your screen (on a computer).
  2. On the login screen, you will need to enter your username and password (the same information that you were given when you applied for an account).
  3. Once logged in, simply click the “Moodle” tab, and then select the “Go To Moodle” button. This will automatically log you in to Moodle and will see your courses.

Please note that you cannot login directly to Moodle. You must log in through OpenSIS to get to your courses.

If you have forgotten your username or password to OpenSIS, you may use our username/password recovery tool:

  • Forgotten Passwords: On the OpenSIS login page, you will see a link that says “Forgot Password?” Click on this link and supply the required information.  If you supply the correct information, then your password will be automatically sent to the email address that is listed on your account.
  • Forgotten Usernames: If you have forgotten your username, you can click on the “Forgot Username?” link to request your username be sent to you.

Please note that OpenSIS will not allow you to sign up for a new account, so you must retrieve your username/password to login.  Please also be sure to keep your email address up-to-date to ensure you are able to receive the login details.

Many of our renewal (and all of our graduate level courses) have a course facilitator that you may speak to via the phone or email during their regular office hours.  Many of our course facilitators are teachers in a classroom themselves, so please be aware that they may have evening office hours when you can reach them.  All of our facilitators are experienced in online teaching, and possess the Online Teaching endorsement add-on, so they can easily guide you through the course and coursework.

If a situation arises where you can no longer participate in a course and you need to drop, please be sure to complete the following:

  1. Contact your facilitator and notify them of your need to drop the course. If you are nearly complete, the facilitator may be able to work with you to give you an incomplete and additional time to complete the course requirements.
  2. If you decide to drop the course, complete the Course Drop Form.
You will be removed from the course within 24 hours of completing the drop form.  Your facilitator will let you know if there are additional requirements to complete your drop.  If you are taking a graduate level course, you may have to notify The College of Charleston as well, but your instructor will help you to complete the drop requirements with them.

All of our courses allow you some freedom to determine when you work in the courses; however, each course has a set weekly deadline of when your work for the session must be completed.  Due to the nature of the courses and the discussions in the courses, you are unable to work ahead of the group and complete the course at a faster rate.  All courses last a total of seven (7) weeks. Our Self-Paced courses allow you to work at your own pace, and not have weekly deadlines. However, you do have a time limit of 60 days to complete your course. You may start these courses at any time and do not have to worry about set course schedules.

Yes, you will receive a welcome email from your course facilitator the Thursday before the course begins.  The welcome email will contain contact information for the facilitator as well as directions on how to begin your course and other important information for the course.  If you have additional questions after receiving your welcome email, you may contact your facilitator to answer your specific questions.

If you took a course prior to Spring 2013, you may visit the Lost Transcripts page and complete the form to have us research your official document and send you a copy via email.

Take a look at our Course Costs page to learn more about the types of courses we offer, and the associated costs.

No. Any participant that holds a South Carolina teaching certificate qualifies to take a graduate course; however, the College of Charleston does require an additional fee for out of state residents.  So, if you do not have a valid SC driver’s license, you will need to pay an out-of-state tuition fee.  The out of state tuition fee is $165.00 per credit, so for a 3 graduate credit course the fee is $390.00.

Yes, we provide you with the official documentation of completion at the end of your renewal course.  This documentation is required by the Office of Educator Services to renew your certificate.  For graduate level courses, you may order a copy of your official transcript from The College of Charleston.  In order to add the graduate level credits to your certificate, the Office of Educator Services will only accept the official transcript for the course. No other documentation will work in lieu of a transcript.

Yes, all of our renewal credit courses are pre-approved by the Office of Educator Services for renewal credits.  The graduate courses are also pre-approved by the College of Charleston to offer graduate level credit toward your certificate renewal.  You do not need to seek approval for our courses prior to signing up for them; however, we strongly recommend that you talk with the Office of Educator Services to find out what is required to renew your teaching certificate.

At the basic level you should have a computer and a solid Internet connection (DSL or cable, dial-up will not work with most of our courses).  You will also need some basic word processing software such as Microsoft Word.  Depending on the course you take you may also need additional software. Please check with your facilitator or read the course syllabus to find out the necessary software required for your course.

For the renewal level courses we have no set times that you must be online and working.  As long as you complete all of your work by the weekly deadlines there is no set timeframe that you must login to complete your work.  The graduate level courses do contain a requirement to attend three live sessions.  The dates and times for the live sessions are set by the individual facilitator, so you will need to check with them to find out when you will be required to be online for the live sessions.

You should have a basic understanding of the Internet and the basic functions of your computer.  We will help guide you through the course; however, we are not responsible for teaching you how to use your computer or the Internet.  Additionally, some of the courses may have other technical skills that are required to complete the coursework.  You should consult the syllabus for the course you are interested in or contact us to find out more information.

No, renewal courses will only count as renewal credit.  If you are in need of graduate credits, then you must take a graduate level course.

Yes, we have no limitations on the number of courses that you may take at one time.  The number of courses that you may take is completely based on your needs, your schedule, and the amount of time that you want to spend taking courses. We normally recommend that you do not take any more than one course if this is your first online experience, as you may need additional help.  If you are employed full time, we normally recommend that you take no more than two due to the time needed to complete the courses.

Important Graduate Course Information: Due to The College of Charleston’s policy, participants may only take up to four graduate credit courses per session.

If you decide that you need to drop a course, we do not provide refunds for any fees that have been paid for the course. The SCDE may provide exemptions for extenuating circumstances such as an illness, death, or other serious issues. Such exemptions would allow for a participant to receive an incomplete, and allow the participant to finish their work at a later time. Participants are to contact their facilitator to find out if they qualify for an incomplete.

Both graduate and renewal courses contain a one week orientation session and then six additional sessions that last one week each, so the course will be a total of seven consecutive weeks.

Anyone that currently holds a current South Carolina teaching certificate or a South Carolina teaching certificate that has not been expired for more than 10 years would qualify to take courses with VirtualSC PD.  You do not have to be employed by a school district, work, or live in South Carolina to take our courses.

Graduate Courses Note: Graduate courses have an out-of-state fee if you live outside of South Carolina.