When you register for a graduate course there are two steps: first with VirtualSC PD and then with The College of Charleston. Upon registration with VirtualSC PD, directions will be emailed to you for completing registration with The College of Charleston. Check the email used to create your Genius account often. Registration with The College of Charleston is required for each graduate course in order for credit to be awarded.

All of our graduate courses fall under the umbrella of facilitated courses. Facilitated courses refer to the courses offered during our Spring, Summer, and Fall Sessions. Taking a course during a facilitated session offers more guidance from a facilitator as well as opportunities to learn and grow with other participants through discussion forums.

Graduate courses are primarily asynchronous and involve a discussion forum, so work is released week by week, but within that week, you may work at your own pace, making sure that all work for the week is turned in before midnight on Sunday ET. The only due date within the week is Wednesday for your first post to the forum (to allow for the possibility of back and forth discussion).

Graduate courses do have two live virtual meetings. The dates and times for the live sessions are set by the individual facilitator and are communicated to participants at the start of the course. These sessions are recorded and posted in the course in case you cannot make the live meeting.

Graduate courses completed through VirtualSC PD may be used toward the Bachelor’s +18 and Master’s +30 class levels provided they are documented on an official transcript. For more information regarding requesting a class level advancement please visit the Certificate Class Levels webpage.