VirtualSC PD offers self-paced learning modules to support educators in The South Carolina Teaching Standards (SCTS) 4.0 rubric, which was integrated into the Expanded ADEPT Support and Evaluation System beginning in the 2018–19 school year for all classroom-based teachers in districts using the state model for teacher evaluation.

These learning modules include research-based readings and videos to support professional practice aligned to the indicators of the SCTS 4.0 rubric.  Along with the readings, educators may observe other teachers, submit reflections, and collect artifacts relevant to exemplary classroom instruction.  These learning modules are not designed to enhance or replicate evaluator training, but rather to refine and extend an educator’s growth and development.

Each learning module costs $50.00 and is worth 20 renewal credits. Participants have a 60 day enrollment period in the module.  A learning module may be finished at any time and does not have to span the full 60 days to complete. A participant is allowed 2 submissions to be graded by a certified South Carolina Evaluator vetted through the SCDE.  If a participant does not pass a learning module after the second attempt, the participant will have to request and pay for the learning module again.

SCTS 4.0 Rubric Learning Modules