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Course Features
Language: English
30 hours/60 days
Renewal Course: 40 Credits
Study Level: Intermediate
VirtualSC PD Certificate of Completion

Delivery, Enrollment, and Facilitation

This is a mastery-based course with no discussion forums. The course will be delivered in a fully online format. This course is non-facilitated, and is designed to be completed independently. It is self-paced, with an enrollment period of 60 days, which begins immediately upon confirmation of registration. A Help Forum is included in the course that will be carefully monitored by an online facilitator.


This course is designed for teachers of advanced math courses who want to supplement their lessons with real world applications.  It outlines ideas that when used strategically, and at the appropriate times based on learners’ needs, will help students build their mathematical knowledge.  It may also work to assist teachers in answering the question, “When are we ever going to use this?”

The ideas presented in this course are not meant to be too difficult.  To present a real world situation that leaves a portion of the class confused defeats the purpose.  As teachers, we want the applications to be ones with which a large majority of the class understand and feel comfortable.  In fact, from a student’s point of view, the question “When are we ever going to use this?” can probably be accomplished in one to two minutes. With that in mind, when teachers connect ideas to the real world, the goal is typically not mathematical rigor, but getting students to feel more connected to the math they are learning.  This course may give information new to you or simply serve to connect ideas to fit applications to the appropriate places in the school year.

Course Outline

Session 1: Student Orientation
Session 2: Algebra I
Session 3: Geometry
Session 4: Algebra II
Session 5: Advanced Math
Session 6: Trigonometry
Session 7: Probability and Statistics


This is an intermediate level course for teachers, literacy coaches, curriculum specialists, professional development specialists, or other school personnel. Participants are expected to have regular access to computers with Internet access. In addition, participants should be proficient with browsing the Internet, uploading and downloading content, navigating to computer files, and with using word processing software, email, and attachments.

Required Materials

All materials in this course are the property of the South Carolina Department of Education Office of VirtualSC PD. All course materials needed/required for the workshop are available online.